Shipping policy

All orders will be processed within 24 hours,
Buyers can check the logistics information within 48 hours.(Except for holidays)

The following is the approximate transportation time.
I will gradually improve the transportation information of other countries.

Logistics information for all waybill numbers is traceable. All packages are sent from China.
The logistics tracking website:

If the order amount is relatively large, I would use DHL, FEDEX or UPS (4-8days)

* The following estimated shipping time does not apply to "battery products".

Country Transportation Company
Transportation Company
(Country of destination)

Contact information of the logistics company in the destination country
Estimated transit time Duty-free
United States SF express uniuni 5-9 days (no battery)
7-11 days (built-in battery)
Canada Sunyou post Canada post
Phone: 1 866 607 6301
6-11 days Yes
Australia  4PX Australia post
Phone: 137678
5-9 days Yes
Singapore SF express (no battery) SF express SF express phone: 1800 311 1111
WhatsApp: SF Express SG (+65 8323 7462)
4-6 days Yes
4PX (built-in battery) AirPak Express AirPak phone: 67439200
Japan Sunyou post sagawa
Phone: 050-3032-9151
7-10 days
Address in Japanese will make shipping faster!
Indonesia 4PX Singapore post
【Destination telephone】 1500161
6-10 days No
It takes about 5000-170000 IDR
India Yanwen morninglobal Email: [email protected] 
Whatsapp contact: +91 8920275003 (message only, no calls)
Phone: +91 8035389088
8-12 days Yes
South Korea 4PX Under testing, to be added Uncertain
Germany Cainiao 8-15 days Yes
Belguim Cainiao 8-12 days Yes
France Cainiao 8-15 days Yes
Austria Cainiao 10-15 days Yes
Italy Cainiao 8-15 days Yes
Netherlands Cainiao 8-15 days Yes
Poland Cainiao / Yanwen 8-12 days Yes
Portugal Cainiao 8-12 days Yes
Spain (Non-island area) Cainiao 8-12 days Yes
Sweden Yanwen Early Bird 7-12 days Yes
New Zealand Sunyou post 8-12days Yes
Belarus Sunyou post 13-19days Uncertain
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sunyou post Under testing, to be added Uncertain
Bulgaria Yanwen 10-15 days Yes
Croatia Yanwen Under testing, to be added Yes
Czech Republic Yanwen Under testing, to be added Yes
Denmark Yanwen 8-15 days Yes
Estonia Yanwen Under testing, to be added Yes
Finland Yanwen Matkahuolto 6-11 days Yes
Greece Yanwen 15-20 days Yes
Hungary Yanwen 15-20 days Yes
Latvia Yanwen 10-15 days Yes
Moldova Sunyou post Under testing, to be added Uncertain
Montenegro Sunyou post Under testing, to be added Uncertain
Norway Yanwen 15-20 days Yes, VOEC is not needed
Romanian Yanwen Under testing, to be added Yes
Russian Federation 4PX 10-15days Yes
Serbia Sunyou post 14-20days Uncertain
Slovenia Yanwen Under testing, to be added Yes
Switzerland 4PX Swiss post
Phone: 41 848 888 888
4-8 days Yes
Ukraine Sunyou post meest
Phone: +38 0504327707
12-19days Uncertain
United Kingdom 4PX Evri
Phone: 0330 808 5456
3-6days Yes
Mexico 4PX iMile
Phone : +525593312916
Email : [email protected]
7-10 days Uncertain
Chile Sunyou post correos 10-15 days Uncertain
Peru Sunyou post Serpost 14-19 days Uncertain
Malaysia SF express 8-12 days Uncertain
Philippines Sunyou post / SF express / 4PX 7-10days Yes
China, Taiwan SF express (Provide an ID number) 2-3 days Uncertain
Singapore post (no ID number) 7-10 days Uncertain
Brazil Cainiao 15-25days ICMS is paid through AliExpress.